Reasons To Send Your Kids To Summer Camp

If you’ve been to camp in your middle childhood years, you’re not surprised to hear about the benefits of summer camp. But if you didn’t go to camp as a child, you may not realize just how good the experience is for children. Here is a list of just some of the reasons to send your kids to camp.

Camp is:
• the place where kids make their very best friends, free from the social expectations pressuring them at school
• where kids get back outside and play….it is a wonderful antidote to “nature deficit disorder” where kids can relax, laugh, and be silly all day long.
• a place where kids can discover and develop what they like to do
• spending the day being physical active…running, swimming, jumping, hiking, and organizing games
• experiencing success and becoming more confident…there is accomplishment every day
• real when kids take a break from TV and the internet and engage in real activities and real emotions in a real community
• the perfect place for kids to develop who they are, making decisions for themselves without parents and teachers guiding every move
See? Camp is great!

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