Preschool (3-4)

Curriculum in the PRESCHOOL is child-centered, play-based and involves the following domains: physical, health and safety, cognitive and language, emerging literacy, math, science and technology, the arts, social studies, and interactive media.  Teachers plan according to the different interests and abilities of the children in the classroom.  This approach allows teachers to change and modify the curriculum easily in response to things that happen in the course of the day.  An unexpected question can lead to an interesting discussion or an opportunity to have a parent share a special skill with the children.

To assist the children with their emerging literacy skills, the teachers have chosen Building Language for Literacy, a researched, play-based, program, which prepares the children for reading success.   Nina the Naming Newt, Leo the Letter Loving Lobster and Reggie the Rhyming Rhino help children have fun while building their skills by providing a foundation in oral language, phonological awareness, concepts of print and alphabetic knowledge. Integrated with Building Language for Literacy are other child initiated experiences designed around learning centers which include dramatic play, blocks/construction/large motor, creative arts, writing table, library, sensory and science, math, interactive media, and small manipulatives.


“Bridget will have great memories of all her adventures You make having a child in early care a whole lot easier knowing she’s in good hands”

Lori Anderson

“You ladies are truly amazing. Thanks for all you do for having Wesleigh be a part of your class”


“Your staff at Iliff have given my son the best possible start in life; a good education program, that stresses fun. taught by a caring, well-trained staff.”

Sue & Mark Brown

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