Iliff’s 5 tenets of Whole Child Development


Iliff students are actively engaged in learning and it is connected to the school and broader community. Our teacher facilitated play based curriculum embeds inquiry-based, experiential tasks and activities to help all of our children deepen their understanding of what they are learning and why they are learning.


Iliff students learn in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for students and adults. Our physical, emotional, academic and social school climate is safe, friendly, and student-centered.   Our curriculum teaches, models and provides opportunities for children to practice social-emotional skills including effective listening, conflict resolution, problem solving, self- regulation and personal reflection and responsibility.


Our facilities, environment and culture supports and reinforces the health and well-being of each child through


Iliff students are supported by qualified, caring adults to help them to develop to their full potential. Our school welcomes and includes all families as partners in their children’s education to encourage each student’s academic and personal growth.


Iliff students have access to a comprehensive curriculum that develops the whole child.  Our curriculum and instruction provide opportunities for students to develop critical-thinking and reasoning skills, and problem-solving competencies.

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On January 19, the country was celebrating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Here, at school, our recognition was two-fold:

First,we used our time at school to participate in community volunteering. The […]

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Iliff Kindergarten Astronauts

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Congratulations to our Alum!

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The award Grace Hanover is wearing around her neck was presented by The
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