Outdoor Learning Labs

Happy hearts and happy faces,
Happy play in grassy places —
That was how in ancient ages,
Children grew to kings and sages. **



**Robert Louis Stevenson (1885/1952). A Child’s Garden of Verses. Harmondworth, Middlesex, England: Puffin Edition, Penguin Books.


Our staff believes that the outdoor classroom is just as important as the indoor classroom; recognizing that learning takes place here that doesn’t take place in the confines of the classroom walls.  Our eight playgrounds are separately fenced and age appropriate.  Children move seamlessly between indoor and outdoors where they are given the opportunity to explore and initiate new things with or without friends.

Staff members plan open ended time for children to:

  • refine their motor skills.
  • experiment with and manipulate natural and man-made materials.
  • focus attention to sounds and sensory experiences.
  • classify, group, compare, and describe objects in nature
  • engage in meaningful conversations reflective of experiences with the materials present in the environment.
  • participate actively in games and activities that enhance physical wellness, balance, and coordination.
  • develop a feeling of safety in the outdoors that builds self-confidence.

Miss Pat’s favorite playground is the tunnel yard, sometimes referred to as the Mining Camp.  “I love watching the children crawl through the tunnels! It’s a perfect blend of gross motor activity coupled with imaginative play. On one side of the tunnel hill there is a bridge for fishing and a climbing wall to scamper up to get away from the hungry alligators. Another side has graduated balance beams for future gymnasts to perfect their skills. We even have a jailhouse to detain errant cowboys (with their permission of course)! And tomorrow…well it may be something totally different!”

Images Of Our Playgrounds