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  • Our staff which promises that learning is fun and fun is never ending.
  • A small class size and more time with their teacher.
  • The DC7 airplane magically converted into a classroom just for them, with plenty of space and materials to expand their love of learning.
  • Play-based, hand on experiences in reading, writing, and communication, mathematics, social studies, drama, movement, visual arts, and music.
  • Specials in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), art appreciation, music around the globe, and Spanish taught weekly by visiting teachers.
  • Their ability to move their indoor curriculum outside at any time of the day (STEM experiences adapt themselves well to the outside).
  • The opportunity to let off steam and recharge their batteries with their buddies on their very own kindergarten playground designed just for them!
  • The special events and field trips during fall, spring, and winter breaks with their friends from their class.


  • That your child attends class in a very unique and creative environment.
  • Play-based kindergarten curriculum that is child directed and hands on and aligns with national and state standards.
  • Miss Karen who brings the opportunity for your child to participate in professional instruction in dance to our center.
  • Knowing play is never sacrificed for more instructional time or standardized testing found in traditional kindergarten classrooms.
  • Individual attention given to your child all day due to a small classroom size.
  • Tuition that is the same as child care and includes field trips which enrich the curriculum as well enable the children to experience community involvement by working with local charities in the Denver area.
  • In addition to our academic program, we provide care for your child from 7:00am to 6:00 pm at no extra cost.
  • We are open when you need us….searching for childcare on teacher planning days or holidays, breaks, etc. is never a problem
  • The nutritional lunches and yummy snacks included in the tuition.
  • Pre-enrollment for summer camp before enrollment opens to the community.
  • The opportunity to volunteering in the DC7 airplane classroom, participating in special events, and accompanying us on our enrichment field trips.
  • No cutoffs for enrollment if your child has a late birthdate.