Early Preschool ( 2+ )

Based on the latest research from Learn Every Day, EARLY PRESCHOOLERS develop social skills as they learn about their classmates through a variety of activities. They understand what it means to trust and be trusted. They also gain knowledge of ways to get along with others, and understand the importance of being a contributing member of a community group. The play based, themed curriculum includes activities which connect literacy, math, science, social studies, and creative arts.  Purposeful exploration centers feature art, small manipulatives, drama, blocks, music, library, science, and writing/interactive media.  Some of the explorations included in the curriculum are: School, Me and My Family, My Five Senses, Colors, Measurements, Numbers, Community Places and Helpers, Safety, and Social Studies.

Each day begins with welcome circle and includes calendar, weather, job assignments, and daily events in both English and Spanish.  Large group activities include story circle which engages children with books, puppets, finger plays, felt board activities, games, and songs. Closing circle at the end of the day includes a quiet down time with introduction to literacy activities, again in both English and Spanish, reflection on the days experiences, and preparing for the arrival of parents and guardians.

Recognizing that parents have questions regarding potty learning, teachers will share their resources with you while emphasizing patience, timing, and consistency in order to ensure that this is a positive experience. They offer the use of the potty at each diaper change, always allow access to the potty, assist parents to implement the child’s wearing of underwear and help the children learn how to change their own clothing.

Classroom management utilizes principles from the Love and Logic approach formulated by Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D.  Allowing children to learn from the consequences of their actions, teachers utilize redirection, a cozy corner, key phrases, and positive words to help children internalize rules for appropriate behavior.


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“You’ve been there when we couldn’t and you have instilled confidence, discipline, sharing; but most of all you’ve shared your love.  There will ever be anyone like you. “

L. Savage

“We have had the best experience with your wonderful staff and curriculum. Julia has already progressed greatly with her speech, learning. and skills during her short time at Iliff”

D. Essen

“Every day I leave my daughter at the most welcoming, warmest, funniest, safest, supportive and hands-down best preschool ever. “