Our child care programs engage children through immersive hands-on experiences rather than scripted curriculum.  The classrooms are arranged in centers, giving children the opportunity to make choices, come up with ideas and be creative.   As the children play, our staff members watch what materials are used; they listen to the children as they reflect on their experiences, they ask questions and then talk with the children to find out what they are trying to do. By providing activities and materials that children find engaging and allowing the children time to explore, play, and interact, children find learning easy and fun and staff can challenge the children to take learning to the next level.

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Toddlers (1yr+)

Working in partnership with parents, nurturing staff provide toddlers with individual child care in a loving, secure and engaging environment.


Early Preschool (2yr+)

Early Preschoolers understand what it means to trust and be trusted by child care staff. Play based early preschool curriculum promotes attention, self-regulation, and self-help skills.


Preschool (3yr-4yr)

Preschoolers engage in hands-on literacy and number activities. Social skills include the encouragement of independence and cooperation.


Pre-kindergarten (4yr-5yr)

Pre-kindergarten means getting ready for kindergarten with age-appropriate, collaborative lessons in reading, writing, math, problem-solving, and language.


Kindergarten (5yr-6yr)

Independent and group work, goal-setting, and critical-thinking are explored in our private kindergarten (half/full day programs) with a low teacher-to-student ratio.


School-Age (Post Kg-12)

Before and after child care includes a variety of fun, exciting, and educational activities. During the summer add special events, field trips, and guest presenters. It all adds up to fun, fun, and more fun in the summer adventure day camp.