What’s the Hurry?

Educator Rae Pica debunked the notion that—academically and athletically—earlier is better for children. Regarding academics Pica writes, "Kindergarten, according to a study from the University of Virginia, has become 'the new first grade.' And, based on my observations, preschool has clearly become the new kindergarten. All of this is happening despite the abundance of research

Kindergarten Art Walk

A big thanks to Christine and Maureen from the REACH OUT AND READ COLORAD team,, for helping us sort and count donations collected from our 4th annual First Friday Art Walk. With the help of the kindergarten class, we counted 728 books to be distributed to hundreds of distribution points including Denver Health Montebello,

We Love Iliff Kindergarten

KIDS LOVE Our staff which promises that learning is fun and fun is never ending. A small class size and more time with their teacher. The DC7 airplane magically converted into a classroom just for them, with plenty of space and materials to expand their love of learning. Play-based, hand on experiences in

Iliff Kindergarten Astronauts

Sympathetic and trusting teachers can be of use to learners, not by deciding what they are to learn but by encouraging and helping them to learn what they are already busy learning. – from the brilliant mind of John Holt   One of the best approaches to early learning will emphasize a studio (small or

Congratulations to our Alum!

The award Grace Hanover is wearing around her neck was presented by The Rising Stars program which honors outstanding elementary school students from across the state. Grace received her award for her exemplary academic aptitude and character. Our staff is very proud that she received her excellent foundation for learning while attending Iliff Preschool's pre-kindergarten