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History of Our Kindergarten Classroom in a REAL DC7 Airplane

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We Are:

A quality, neighborhood, educational, child care center designed to provide warm, loving care, a stimulating educational curriculum, and a full range of services in support of all families. 

We Offer:

A professionally trained staff; the majority have at least 20 years experience, small group sizes, enrichment field trips in privately owned busses, age appropriate computer learning centers in all classrooms over 2 ½ years of age, curriculums which utilize the most current findings in educational research, and Denver’s most dynamic and unique outside age appropriate play areas.

When We Ask The Children:

They tell us they love incubating the baby chicks every spring, weekly music and Spanish specials, kindergarten in a real DC airplane, special summer camp activities, enrichment field trips in our school busses, and exploring in our award winning outdoor play grounds…all 8 of them.

Programs By Age:

Our child care programs engage children in hands-on experiences rather than scripted curriculum. Learning centers give children an opportunity to make choices, come up with ideas, and be creative. As play unfolds, our staff observe, listen, and reflect. They ask questions and talk to the children about what they are doing. Then they plan new and challenging classroom activities taking into consideration the individual needs of each child. By employing these scaffolding techniques, children find learning is fun while achieving heights they otherwise could not reach.

Toddlers (1yr+)

Working in partnership with parents, nurturing staff provide toddlers with individual child care in a loving, secure and engaging environment.

Early Preschool (2yr+)

Early Preschoolers understand what it means to trust and be trusted by child care staff. Play based early preschool curriculum promotes attention, self-regulation, and self-help skills.

Preschool (3yr-4yr)

Preschoolers engage in hands-on literacy and number activities. Social skills include the encouragement of independence and cooperation.

Pre-kindergarten (4yr-5yr)

Pre-kindergarten means getting ready for kindergarten with age-appropriate, collaborative lessons in reading, writing, math, problem-solving, and language.

Kindergarten (5yr-6yr)

Independent and group work, goal-setting, and critical-thinking are explored in our private kindergarten (half/full day programs) with a low teacher-to-student ratio.

School-Age (Post Kg-12)

Before and after child care includes a variety of fun, exciting, and educational activities. During the summer add special events, field trips, and guest presenters. It all adds up to fun, fun, and more fun in the summer adventure day camp.
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Iliff Blog:

What Can You Do To Help Your Child Learn To Read And Be Kindergarten Ready?

When you are reading with your pre-kindergartener:

1. Point to words.
2. Talk about the printed words, like “This word starts with a p and ends with a p.”
3. Ask your child questions. Ask about what just happened and what might happen next.
4. Read different types of books, like fairy tales, nursery rhymes, alphabet books, picture books, and poems.
5. Read books that repeat words and phrases.
6. Play guessing games with sounds and […]

What Does Thanksgiving mean to you?

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? When asked, my staff responded, “We are grateful for many things, including everything we were able to provide this past year to the wonderful families in our community.” How proud I am to acknowledge their gratitude and the gratitude of our community by saying thank you to all who participated in the fast food Thanksgiving Drive organized by Miss Mary and the wonderful children […]

Kindergarten Registration 2015-2016 Is Already Here!

Can you believe families will be asked to register for the 2014-15 fall kindergarten beginning in January? What do I look for in a good kindergarten? There are certain basic agreements among educators as to what makes a good program. It should:

Expand your child’s ability to learn about (and from) the world, to organize information, and to solve problems. This increases his feelings of self-worth and confidence, his ability to work […]

Congratulations to our Alum!

The award Grace Hanover is wearing around her neck was presented by The
Rising Stars program which honors outstanding elementary school students
from across the state. Grace received her award for her exemplary academic
aptitude and character. Our staff is very proud that she received her
excellent foundation for learning while attending Iliff Preschool’s
pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classrooms. Here is where she found the
sensitive teachers who responded to her developmental and individual needs
and promoted a […]